April 10, 2016


Kazunori Miura sent me one of his new soft66rtl3 SDRS a couple of months ago and I did a quick overview for swling.com.

Kazunori just emailed me about another brand new design in the works. Sample should be here in a week or two.

Kazunori is that force to recon with when it comes to low cost $8.00 dongles and mid-range $200 SDRS. For $40 you really can't go wrong at all before you move to a 12bit SDR (SDRPlay, Airpy or Afedri).


  1. Looking forward to your comments on Kazunori's new design, Mike! Any hints as to what might be improved, or changing?

  2. Waiting on a review unit to come.As far as I know at this time it will have some serious filtering for VLF NDB hunting.

  3. Great! Thank you Mike. BTW, have you had any experience with the Afedri SDR-Net vs. SDRPlay on HF? I sold a FDM-S2 and Perseus but still own the SDR-Net, and have been curious about its performance <30 MHz compared to SDRPlay.

  4. The Afedri is a very good unit. It is 12bit but lacks front end filtering.

    The RSP is amazing. It is also 12bit but has the proper front end filtering.
    It also has 2 LNA'S (1 auto 1 user)

    Side by side. The RSP can dig out more signals. The Afedri has a lower noise floor but it does not help compared to the RSP. 5 Years ago the Afedri was KING. Sad to say not anymore.