March 29, 2016

3 Weeks

I have only been a ham for a little over 3 weeks. I have made a few contacts on 2m FM simplex which I really enjoy. I tried the local repeaters and they really are not for me.

Yesterday my HF rig came in (ft-450d) and today was my first time keying up on HF. I made my first contact at 7:00pm EST on 10m (28.405) with a Dominican Republic station HI8JQE. He was calling CQ and the pileup came. I threw my call out a bunch of times in between and finally heard KD2 standby. I freaked out. Then he called KD2 station. I replied with his call them mine and he confirmed. I could not believe it. My first station worked was DX. I'm hooked now.

2m FM Simplex
First confirmed HF Contact
This is HI8JQE my first confirmed HF contact on 10m


  1. Fantastic! Congratulations on your new license and on making your first contact a DX one! You will always remember it, trust me! Thanks for all the info on your blog, and I look forward to reading more!

  2. Came in via your review of the SoftRTL66, i'm glad to read your first HF contact was from my side of the woods. 73's de HI8NME.

  3. Robert- Thank you. I'm bit buy the DX bug really really bad. Updates are in the works. Just so busy on HF :)

    Manu- Welcome to the site. Talking to HI8JQE was really exciting. DX is like drugs. One hit and your hooked.