January 2, 2016

Alinco DJ-X11

The DJ-X11 is my new go to radio when I step outside. Originally i used the CountyComm GP5-SSB which is a fantastic handheld for HF & SSB but found the Alinco for sale on radioreference.com for an unheard of price with all the options (dock-programming cable- 2 antennas) and grabbed it.
The Alinco DJ-X11 is a wide-band all mode portable that has IQ output so it can be used as a limited sound card based SDR and it also has the option to output base-band audio also known as a discriminator tap the can be used with any app that needs unfiltered audio (PDW, Unitrunker). Both options are done via the headphone jack.

Since I really only listen to HF the stock antenna was put back in the box and I went with a Nagoya NA-707. If you can find one of these radios at a decent price (Under $175) then grab it. This handheld is so underrated. The performance is really good considering that it is such a  wide-banded radio. It even has a dual VFO feature (which i don't use).

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