July 18, 2015

HDSDR-Sdrplay controller v4

Here is a break down of the funtions. The code is finished. I just need to source out a proper case/buttons & a few other odds and ends.

Encoder 1 Increase/Decrease Tune frequency by MouseWheelStep
Encoder 1 Push Button = Center Waterfall

Encoder 2 Zoom/Unzoom RF Spectrum
Encoder 2 Push Button = AGC Cycle (OFF/FAST/MED/SLOW)

Encoder 3 Increase/Decrease LO frequency by visible spectrum bandwidth
Encoder 3 Push Button = NO CONNECTION AT THIS TIME

Push Button 1 = MODE AM
Push Button 2 = MODE USB
Push Button 3 = MODE LSB
Push Button 4 = MODE FM



  1. Leo de BlaauwAugust 08, 2015

    Hi Mike,

    Great stuff! Would you mind sharing your latest code, I was tinkering amongst the same lines but can't get it to work just yet...

    Leo de Blaauw

  2. I used a sample code with tiva and connected encoder with parallel capacitor 10nf and series resistance 10k as they Say.

    and this code worked well with atmega

    but with tiva ,not worked well , I don’t know the reason… Can you help me ?

    and if i Connected the Cap. parallel near the rotary pin is better than in the result of connecting the Cap. near to the tiva, but all are bad reading

    I removed the capacitor and it was better more and more than the two mentioned cases. but it wasn’t very good.

  3. nice evolution :)
    Congratulations !

  4. Thank you. Going to pick up where I left off.