July 8, 2015

Feed is going down

I have been entertaining the idea of taking down the 109/111 feed for about a month now. I know running a feed does not cost me a lot of money but i have to try and scale back. I have maintained the 109th/111th NYPD audio feed to broadcastify.com for over 4 years now with hardly any server downtime. If something broke I either fixed it or replaced the item within 24 hours. 

I have been out of work for the past 6 1/2 months and have a family who depend on me. I don't like to discuss my personal or family issues here but i have to try and conserve what little I get from workers comp ($135.00 per week). Taking the feed down does not take me out of the hobby but i will help cut my bills a little. This is not a sob story or feel bad for Mike post. 


  1. Dose this mean i am not going to be able to listen to it. Or is just going to be temporary.

  2. Unfortunately at this time it is not temporary. I can't afford to run it anymore.

    1. Oh NO it's really sad that i am not going to listen my favorite :( :(