February 17, 2015

Arduino & Embrio

Embrio has come a long long way since it was first released. Everything is plug and play now. Downloading additional frameworks are no longer needed but you still need the official IDE (1.6.0) and your all set.

I will not go into to much detail of the app. I'm still in the process of learning it myself. I don't find it all to difficult. I can get my designs out a whole lot quicker now then typing 90% of the code.

I don't believe Embrio is a big company backed with a mega budget. I might be wrong but i think it's a single person with a huge passion for electronics and software who developed it.  Very few apps make me say "WOW this is awesome" This app is definitely one of them. It is really polished. You can see a vast amount of hours went into the back-end and the user interface. It is not cluttered or rushed.The user interface is logical and very well laid out.

So far i have tried all my Arduino boards (leonardo, micro, nano, uno) and not a single hiccup. If you do anything with Arduino you have to check this app out. It really does change the way your work and think when it comes to the software end of Arduino development. The video below really sums it up. Just my 2 cents. I'm not a salesman... Just giving it the thumbs up...

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