January 16, 2014

Moving Stuff

I relocated my feed radios to the feed server desk to make room for a bigger monitor on my main desk. The server has also been replaced with a Gateway M-6886 laptop. I think it will use even lees power then the previous servers i had.

I rewired the whole system and disconnected as many splitters as possible. Each scanner has a ground loop isolator and the main antenna going to the scanners has a FM-Trap.

I adjusted all 3 sound card to get the best signal to noise ratio as possible. Hopefully the levels are nice and hot and not over modulated/muddy.

1 comment:

  1. Will the feed nypd 19th 23rdpct & nypd 111th 109thpct be up running again because it been offline maybe you got my email. I hope the feed go back online. i like how you work hard on the feed keep the good work :)