November 2, 2013

HDSDR v2.70

Brand new version of HDSDR was released yesterday (Nov 1st). So far so good. No issues on my end. Looks like they are going the IOS 7 route with the flat square buttons.

Some of the improvements are

- better CPU utilization
- added Automatic Notch Filter
- added AFC for AM and FM. AFC can be deactivated in ECSS mode
- smoothed S-Meter display
- enhanced parameters for 'SDR on IF output'
- new keyboard shortcuts for Lo/HiCut and WAV files
- 'spectrum' switchable to Autocorrelation/Cepstrum display (Click on 'Spectrum' label)
- TX-Button for HRD(DDE) / CAT to HDSDR
- added 'Double Size' option in Frequency Input Dialog
- Frequency Manager now provides 5 User Banks
- many fixes and improvements

Download direct or via the webpage.

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