August 19, 2013

109th & 111th Beta

This is the current beta for the 109th and 111th streaming app. It is far from ready for prime time. If you want to give it a go you can download the APK below. I need to figure out how pipe the audio stream directly to the voice to text API and the recorder API as of now it's tapping off the mic. It does work but not as good as i want it to be.

109 & 111 Beta

Recordings you make go in the root of the android in the My Documents folder. To stop the recording hold down the stop button and it will stop the recording.


  1. So i guess this is why i cant hear NYPD 109th & 111th on now i know why its Offline. When well it be back Online?

  2. I don't understand your comment. The feed is online. The beta has nothing to do with broadcastify or my feed.