June 4, 2013

LG 42" TV

Found a 42" T.V. in the trash next door to my house. I grabbed it as soon as i saw it and took it into my  garage shop. I looked over everything on the outside. Screen was mint. Case has zero cracks. Stand was just fine. Powered it up and nothing happened.

I cracked open the back and everything looked good on the inside except the main power supply board. I replaced all the leaking capacitors and the rest is history. I was actually going to give it back to my neighbor as a surprise but they don't speak english and i don't speak korean.


  1. Good score! I've seen a few decent pc's go trash cause of leaking caps. I have fix a duel cpu msi board with bad caps. Well Done!

  2. First of all thank you for stopping by. I also have found a boat load of desktops and laptops in the garbage that i strip parts from and resell. I just got lucky with the T.V. cause it's a fairly easy fix for me and you but not so much for the average Joe.