March 18, 2013

Quick Update

Swapped out my feed server with something a little more energy efficient. Was using a Dell Vostro 200 and switched it over to a Acer Nettop. The acer's usb host controller can not handle the amount of data im pushing threw the one host controller so the IRT feed will be down till i get a powered usb hub.

Hopefully the switch to a low power low end server will help reduce some of the cost of running 3 feeds.

Put the Dell Vostro 200 server back online. Acer can not and will not handle the load of 3 USB sound cards. Wiped out the O.S. on the Dell and did a full re-install. Server is running better than ever and all 3 feeds are back online and operational. Switched from Chrome Remote Desktop to Splashtop 2 streamer.


  1. hello there when will you put up a new feed the feed NYC Subway IRT Trains is boring it hardly gets listeners maybe an nypd feed would be nice

  2. I told you maybe 4000 times im not doing any more feeds.I guess this will be 4001. I could really give to shits what entertains you or what you find boring. Go troll along someplace else. I'm getting tired of looking after kids

  3. You sound like a real ASSHOLE! Talking to that Daniel Adams that way! Moron!