January 22, 2013

Rewiring the house

In the middle of rewiring my house with Cat6 STP. Most of my radio room and living room is completed. Just need to make a few more drops and i'm good to go. Took out all the old Cat5 utp and going to upgrade my router and switch to gigabit Ethernet.

This is the switch i will use
D-Link DGS1008G/RE

This is the router i will use
Linksys EA4500

I also ordered a new NIC Card for my feed server. This should give me some more network headroom locally as far as bandwidth.


  1. so this means your putting up another feed

  2. I have 3 radios i use for feeds and 3 of 3 are online, So no more feeds

  3. oh okay when your going to change the NYC Subway IRT Trains feed not a lot of people listening to it and everybody want something with action like nypd maybe midtown south north or 17 pct some type of nypd that u can pick up in your neighborhood

  4. At this time it will not be changed. Unless i come across another BC244clt scanner and another vai-80 sound card. The vai80's go for about $150.00 each. Keep in mind that these feeds i provide are a hobby. I make nothing and charge nothing. Everything is out of pocket every time i add another feed.