January 14, 2013

Final feed update

I spent a good half of today re-installing Windows 7 H.P 32bit on my feed server. Took the unit completely apart and cleaned all the dust bunnies from the motherboard, power supply and CPU heat sink. Installed 4 GB of ram,  Low profile PCI USB  card for the sound cards i use, This will take some of the bandwidth off the motherboards built in usb controller. Installed a low profile PCI serial card (I will not be using my main desktop for radio programming) server is running like brand new. The NY & NJ Port Authority feed will be taken down and replaced with something else. Keep you all posted.


  1. sorry to hear that about the NY & NJ Port Authority feed but i mean hey not a lot of people listen to it the best you should replace it with is the 63-69 pct or the 73-75 pct Radio Reference been getting a lot of those request

  2. I will check out the 63rd-69th and 73rd-75th Pct and see which one comes in best for my location. I will have this all checked out tomorrow and shoot Lindsay and Email so i can get the feed approved a lot faster. Have a good one and i will keep you all in the loop.