December 6, 2012

Lucky me

Looks like i really fucked things up. I did an update on my phone and had to put my gmail accounts back in. Had my blog pics on my phone and didn't release that if i deleted the pictures it would also delete all the pics on the blog. Not much i can do about it now except try and put as much stuff back as i can.

Its going to be a fun night tonight at work


  1. Ouch. I use DropBox a lot, but I really want to do some testing so I understand what happens when I rename, move, delete, etc -- b/c I'm afraid something like that will happen. Good luck getting your stuff back!

  2. After i get everything fixed up. I will 100% make a backup on my own servers just in case i put myself in this hole again.

    :) This should keep me busy for a week or two.