November 28, 2012

Baofeng UV-3R PLUS*

Just picked up this radio for $39.00 via Amazon and could not be happier. The radio can be software modded to go from the stock 400-470 & 136-174 to 400-529 & 115-400. I needed this mod so i can listen to my local PD/FD & EMS. I did not test this mod keying up the radio with the new freq ranges. You will need to edit your setting.ini and copy and replace it with the one below. 

You can use the same programming cable that programs the uv5r to program the uv3r. I never had good luck using the usb adapters sold on E-Bay to programs these radios so i use a pci serial card with a serial cable and never have any issues.

Do not use the stock power adapter if possible. It is built like S**T and looks like it will 100% burn your house down if you don't keep an eye on it. Your cellphone might have a removable usb cable then use that to charge the uv3r. I'm using the the charger that came with my Samsung galaxy tab 2 and have zero issues.

I am not a ham. I only use this radio for work and to listen to my local public safety while at work. The radio is super small and will replace my uv5r. The uv5r has been my work radio for over 9 months. Lets see how this one holds up to daily use.

Latest software v1.11-Link
Programming cable-Link
Pci Serial card i use for all my radio programming-Link
Better Antenna-Link





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