September 9, 2011

Pro-2050 Backlight Mod

Just finished the back light mod on my pro-2053 from stock orange to blue. It is very very easy to do. I cut the leads off the main board that goes to the mini bulb and ran the meter on it and it reads 5.0v dc so i replaced it with a 5v blue led radio shack part #276-311. Remember the short lead on the led is NEG and the long lead is POS. With the LCD facing you (upside down) the Pos side is the Right connection and the Neg is the left. The orange rubber nipple that covers the original bulb is not needed. Use solid core hookup wire and soldier it to the LCD and then to the board and your all set. Make sure when you unplug the radio to do the mod. You turn it on and off to discharge it.

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