February 10, 2016

Bias-Tee Mod RTL-BLOG Dongle v2

Sorry for all the pictures. This will show how to perform the Bias Tee mod on the v1 and v2 RTL-SDR BLOG Dongle. Be extremely careful of the SMD component label c23 near the SMA input. it only takes a half a second tap to knock it off and the dongle is rendered useless.

February 6, 2016

PIRATE STATION: Radio Free Whatever

While listening to Radio Free Whatever on 6945 USB which was actually transmitting a 4k wide signal he decided to give me a shout out (3rd name announced). Very cool and audio clip below.

SDR Used: First picture was my Afedri SDR and the second one is my modified RTL-SDR Blog v2 dongle with a Spyverter attached to it for HF.

February 2, 2016

RTL-SDR Blog Dongle v2.0 #3

Just completed the BIAS-T mod and tested it along with my Spyverter. So far so good  Everything seem to work just fine.

Now I need to check and see how well it performs on HF. If you do go with this combo don't forget the offset is -120,000,000. You can click on the pictures to go full screen and copy the offsets.

February 1, 2016

RTL-SDR Blog Dongle v2.0 #2

Getting ready to perform the BIAS-T function so I can use the v2 dongle with my other Spyverter upconverter, You only need to solder the pads that i marked but most likely I will drill out the case and install a micro toggle so I can bypass the mod if need be. I really like these new v2 dongles a lot. Without a doubt they are the best ones out for $20