November 2, 2015

Radio Australia

Picked up Radio Australia International for the first time on 9580Khz @ 9:00am EST. From what I found out..This freq has been used for decades and they are a known to be booming loud into North America. If you want to give it a try then try the above frequency between 8:00-9:00 am. I'm still amazed I picked up this direct signal 16,000+ miles away.

November 1, 2015


The SDRplay was featured again and this time in the November 2015 issue of The Spectrum Monitor

I received written permission to post this. Click the picture to read the review.

"Review by Thomas Witherspoon K4SWL in the November 2015 issue of The Spectrum Monitor, reprinted here with permission of the publisher.

Voice of Korea

This is the first time I ever picked up The Voice of Korea. Heavy fading and at times completely washed out.

10/31/15 on 9.435

The Ghost-Pirate station

Bagged this one on Halloween. 6977AM Pirate Station (Shortwave Ghost)
Playing a mix or rock & roll old and new
Very little fading into Queens NY.

Sent my report and had this waiting for me inside my inbox.